Stuffed Musquée de Provence Pumpkin


Yes! It’s another pumpkin recipe and one that isn’t doused in sugar, cinnamon and frosting! I’m trying new things with pumpkin, and I know that stuffing a pumpkin isn’t all that original but this beautiful, heirloom Musquée de Provence pumpkin is not just another pumpkin.

Last year, I promised myself that I would try a new pumpkin every week. I think I got through 2 ? Continue reading

Turkish Soujouk Stew

Turkish Soujouk Stew

Aaaah, November 8th, it’s finally here. I am SO happy it will be over soon. I suppose I shouldn’t really be too happy just in case I end up in the internment camp one of our presidential candidates wants to send me and all my kind. Let’s hope they have WiFi and I’ll let you know in my next post. Continue reading

Karahi Chicken II~Stir Fried Chicken with Tomatoes


For those of you who have blogs, website or write freelance, what is your biggest challenge? And for those of you who have other careers, where do you get a little uninspired?

As you might have noticed, I’ve been a bit absent from this blog…again. Oh, I’ve been doing plenty of cooking, baking and eating; I just haven’t been able to write. There’s been more than a day that I’ve opened up my notebook or iPad and sat down to write a post; nothing. Continue reading

Grilled Tandoori Lamb

Grlled Tandoori Lamb

I don’t know about you guys, but last week was a rough one! That’s what happens when you take a break and potter about at home in your pajamas or leisurely sip lattes and cappuccinos at your local coffee shop without a care in the world. Chatting about coffee beans and roasters with your local baristas, exchanging coffee beans and sampling brew upon brew is all fine and dandy, but then eventually you realise that your free time has come to an end and you have to get back to work.  Continue reading