A Rant, A Rave And A Game

I hate ignorant people. I know I should know better than to read the comments on a news article but I couldn’t help it and now my blood is boiling. It seems the only people who leave comments on news articles are sorry, pathetic, ignorant morons who know nothing about anything. I happened to be reading the sad story about that Muslim lady who was gunned down in New Jersey by what they thought was  a racial attack but it turned out to be her creep of a husband who had her killed.

Such a sad story, domestic violence always is and religion plays no part in it. Many non Muslim women are harmed or killed every year. Of course, just because this lady was a Muslim, everyone is blaming Islam, as usual. People have no idea about Islam but love to spew irrelevant, incorrect nonsense.

Unfortunately, a lot of what is portrayed as Islamic practices or traditions are in fact, cultural. Islam is not a culture, it is our faith and religion. Somewhere down the line, religion and culture became entwined. Islam actually forbids cultural practices especially if it goes against Islamic principles.

People in the west love the whole “honour killing” thing. They just loved to focus on that and also, the one about women having no rights. That’s a load of crap. Women had rights in Islam even before women in the west. Women had a vote long before women in America could vote. Women had rights in Islam long before women had rights in America. We are allowed to work, we are allowed to keep all the money we earn, we can divorce, we can drive, we can do ANYTHING we want. All this nonsense that you hear from people who think they know everything except a  real Muslim, is a bunch of shit. When you hear stories about women being beaten, or killed for honour, or just losing their basic rights, these all stem from CULTURAL practices of, most often, uneducated, primitive people. They maybe Muslims, but they confuse their traditions with their religion.

Sometimes, it’s not about religion or culture, it’s just about the person. There are bad people everywhere. Just turn on the news and you will see, Syria’s Assad is massacring his people and guess what? He’s British educated and his wife is a Brit. In fact, she went to my school! But because Syria is primarily Muslim, we will blame his actions on Islam. Could it be that he is just a horrible, evil man? Then there is Libya’s Gaddhafi, another certified lunatic. Then there was that Norwegian loony, not Muslim but apparently he hated them quite a bit!

Muslims are not what they are portrayed on the news or media. We are normal people trying, very hard lately, to live a normal life. Muslim women aren’t beaten because they are Muslims, it’s because they have an ass hole for a husband. Sometimes they are stuck in a loveless marriage not because it was “arranged” (it wasn’t), it’s because they have little children and no way to make their way on their own, like so many other women. But, unlike other women, Muslim women will not cheat on their husbands as a way out because of their fear of God. So, now these poor women get labelled as Muslim women with no rights and prisoners of their husbands who are following Islamic tradition.

I long for the world where everyone got along. I went to a convent when I was young and attended Mass every Friday! My secondary school was Church of England and we started our day with a school assembly and the Lord’s Prayer. I was Muslim then and am now. My parents were strict Muslims and yet they had no problem with me playing Joseph on the Nativity play or singing hymns every morning. If they were so intolerant, I would not have gone to either of these schools. They were respectful of my Catholic friends and my Jewish friends. For many years a Jew, a Catholic and a Muslim were best friends. Some of my best memories are my days with them. It’s so sad, the state of the world today.

There are so many things that are incorrectly portrayed about Islam. I wish people would just seek some knowledge or talk to a Muslim before they spew such hatred. Just like other religions have extremists so does Islam. They are following their own, obscure, ideology and Islam does not condone any innocent killings in it’s name. The actions of a few misguided individuals should not scar a whole nation/religion.

I feel better now, I got that off my chest and I will stop. It just made me quite upset this morning to read those comments.

On a lighter note, we were given two free tickets to the Broncos pre season game tonight against the Bills! I am so excited, I have always wanted to experience a football game and also to just visit Invesco field. Our wonderful neighbours, three houses down from us, couldn’t go tonight so they asked if we wanted their tickets. Hell YES!

I can’t wait! I wish it wasn’t during Ramadan but I’ll take what I get. I was wanting to enjoy the whole stadium experience of Kosher dogs, chilli fries, not the beer so much, but other stuff! We will have to open our fast there so we’ll see what stadium fare I get! I will let you know how it goes. We will be taking the Broncos Ride, a bus service, from Broomfield, and that alone seems like an adventure. Hope it is as fun as I imagine it to be!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and thank you for reading my rants today



  1. I agree so much with your rant and hope a lot of people get to read it. I can’t believe that earlier today I was thinking very similar thoughts about ignorant comments I was reading on a news website. It boggles my mind how these people are reading the news yet making these distasteful remarks.

    • I can see that it’s being read but no one is really commenting or asking questions, so it goes back to, do they really want to know or care? Indifference. It;s just easier to believe the hype and jump on the bandwagon. I guess this is another of our the Muslim Ummah’s trials from the Almighty.

  2. Nazneen, I am starting to think more and more that our country is really filled with ignorant, narrow minded people. We all are guilty of living our little lives as we see fit and going along just doing the same all the time. Lots of people don’t read very much, or never, so they have no way to enlarge their world. It’s very sad. But there is hope. At “my”(where I work) school we just have been awarded the title (along with all the work, of course) of “International Baccalaureate World School” and our goal is to teach the children to be “internationally minded.” It will take time but let’s see what happens. I explore and learn so much from reading books and also the Internet, and of course, blogs.
    I have 4 blog friends in England, 3 in Norway, 3 in France, 1 in Italy, 1 in Australia, 1 in Crete, and of course, 3 in Colorado. That includes you! Hope you enjoy the Broncos game!

    • Caterina,some people are great and open minded and well travelled and educated. Education REALLY helps. Europe is amazing when it comes to multicultural and multilingual. The ability to travel from country to country just on a train. Second and third languages are a big push in schools back home. I did 8 years of French and now I insist my children also do as much French as they can. My daughter has some French exchange students visiting her HS and she told me that almost all the kids spoke more than 3 languages! One spoke Japnaese, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish! That’s amazing. People must have the desire to seek the knowledge, but we can’t make them and some don’t want to know, plain and simple.

  3. Very nicely put, my dear friend! It is disappointing that much of the non-Muslims are so misinformed about Islam, but what can be expected when the media seems to feast on the negative events associated with “so-called Muslims”, who truly do not represent Islam in the least! I see that billboards are being erected throughout the country to provide a hotline for those individuals who have questions regarding Islam. The questions are being answered by Muslims rather than media sources who often know little, if anything, about Islam. God willing, this will help educate some who may have incorrect information. Enjoy your Broncos game and ballpark fare!

    • You know my thoughts on this matter Tammi, we’ve discussed it many a time. I just got really mad this morning and thought. “Hey, I have a blog to rant on!” Thanks for commenting, I know how you feel! And thanks for texting too. Always great to chat with you.