White Chicken Chilli
A delicious white chilli made with chicken, chiles, white beans, white chocolate and lime.
Shredded Chicken and Broth
  • 1 4-5 pound/2kg, whole chicken
  • 10 cups/2.4L water
  • 1 onion, quartered
  • 3 carrots, roughly chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • tops of the anaheim and poblano peppers
White Chicken Chilli
  • shredded chicken
  • 6 cups/1.4L broth
  • 6 Anaheim peppers, roughly chopped
  • 5 Poblano peppers, roughly chopped
  • 4 cups/3 cans organic white beans (I used organic northern beans)
  • 1 jalapeño, optional
  • 1 large onion, roughly chopped
  • 5 large garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons ground coriander
  • 4-8 tablespoons white chocolate chips
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 5 limes
  • handful cilantro
  • salt
  • tortilla chips for serving along side
  • sour cream for topping
  1. Start by making the broth for the chilli.
  2. Place the whole or pieces of chicken in a big pot, cover with water, add the onion, carrots, garlic and pepper tops and bring to boil.
  3. Cover and simmer until chicken is tender.
  4. I use my pressure cooker to make the broth, it takes 20 minutes.
  5. Follow your pressure cooker instructions.
  6. Once the chicken is cooked, lift out of the broth and allow to cool before deboning.
  7. Strain the broth and put aside.
  8. You should have about 8 cups of broth.
  9. Using a food processor, finely chop the anaheim chiles, poblano chiles and the onions.
  10. Don't puree, you want some texture.
  11. Once each of the peppers are chopped, add them to a large pot with the olive oil and sauté.
  12. Add the garlic and sauté a minute or two, till fragrant.
  13. Add the cumin and coriander, mix well.
  14. You want the peppers and onion soft but not browned.
  15. Add 6 cups of broth and bring to a simmer.
  16. Add the beans and simmer for about 5 minutes.
  17. Take out 2 cups of the mixture and puree, carefully, in the food processor.
  18. Add back into the chilli to thicken a bit.
  19. Add the shredded chicken and heat through.
  20. Add more broth or water if needed to loosen up the chilli (I usually add another cup or so of broth)
  21. Check for salt and spice and season accordingly.
  22. You can add the jalapeño if you don't feel the chilli is hot enough or add hot sauce on the side.
  23. Start by adding 4 tablespoons of the white chocolate chips.
  24. Stir them through and allow them to melt and blend in.
  25. Check the sweetness.
  26. If you don't taste it, add by tablespoons until it suits you.
  27. I added the whole 8 tablespoons and it had a nice hint of sweet flavour.
  28. Turn off the heat and then add the juice of 3 limes.
  29. Add the chopped cilantro and mix through.
  30. Taste to see if the balance of sweet and tart is to your liking.
  31. You don't need to add too much lime juice to the pot but allow extra lime to be served along side.
  32. The lime juice is more effective added right before eating.
  33. Serve in bowls with extra lime, a dollop of sour cream, extra cilantro and tortilla chips for dipping and crushing into the chilli.
The spice level of the chilli can be controlled by removing ribs and seeds from the chiles, especially the jalapeno and anaheim. I didn't use the jalapeño because my chilli was quite spicy with just the poblano and anaheim chiles. The consistency of the chilli is up to you. I like to make ours a little loose so when we add our tortilla chips, they have something to soak into. But if you like your chilli thick and scoop able, just don't add any extra broth or water. Now, some might say that the chicken is probably not worth using after boiling, but here, the flavours are so strong that its just a texture and bulk thing. You can always use poached chicken breast or roasted chicken breast and chicken broth. I have made it both ways with very little difference in flavour.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 8 Calories: 1118 Fat: 60g Saturated fat: 18g Unsaturated fat: 35g Carbohydrates: 44g Sugar: 13g Sodium: 1401mg Fiber: 8g Protein: 100g Cholesterol: 300mg
Recipe by Coffee and Crumpets at http://www.coffeeandcrumpets.com/white-chicken-chilli/