Korean Tacos

Korean Style Tacos

Living in Denver, or rather Colorado as a whole, there are mainly two topics of contention and discussion around this season. It doesn’t matter where you may be or what you may be doing, chances are one of these two topics will somehow make their way into the conversation before its end.

The discussion of one is the passionate sort; it brings excitement, misery and loyalty like nothing can. The other is filled with much the same except add frustration, often disdain, and in my case, awe.

Korean Style Tacos

Last Sunday pretty much brought one of those topics to a disappointing halt. The Denver Broncos’ season came to a surprising (not really) and very disappointing end. We were hoping to make it the Championship game with another chance at the Super Bowl.

My husband and I both knew it was a long shot. They haven’t played well in a few weeks but the loyal fans we are, there is always that glimmer of hope and faith in your team.

It was a disappointing Sunday and quite the bleak Monday. I am usually not the kind of person who mopes around in a bad mood that my team lost but even I felt really quite blah Monday morning. Oh well…we’ll get over the disappointment. We always do. I made cake with lots of raspberry jam on Monday. We’ll be fine.

Victoria Sandwich

So, what’s the other topic? Weather. Colorado weather is absolutely fascinating. It is to me, at least. I find myself enjoying every season that graces us here in The Rockies. I can look out of my windows, be it at home or driving, and get lost in the deep, deep blue skies, the voluminous puffs of clouds or the mysterious mists that appear on the horizons.

The Rocky Mountains allow us to experience the most unpredictable weather systems. Take for example, last Monday, we had a 61 degree drop! The last ten days or so, we’ve had nothing but gloom. The weather forecast mentions nothing about snow and yet we’ll have snow flakes almost every day for days.

Korean Style Tacos

One rare day, last week, the snow and gloom cleared up and we had a glimpse of a beautifully, sunny spring day. One of the most soul lifting days are the ones that follow a snow storm. On these days, the sky is the deepest blue with not even a wisp of a cloud loitering nearby. There is something pure and clean about a day like that. The snow melts away the misery, the failed dreams and hopelessness of the days. As they wash away, streaming through the neighbourhoods, nooks and crannies, a new day emerges, bright and full of new dreams and desires.

I love my snowy days but I look forward to the beauty and brightness of the day after.

Cold and snowy days are also the days I love to fire up the grill. Who says you only have to grill in the summer? My gas grill is outside on my porch and when I feel like taking it easy, I fire it up and grill meat.

Korean Style Tacos

This was one of those days. The weather back then was still quite nice, cold but pleasant. I always find the heat emanating from the grill more tolerable in the colder weather, a fire with a double purpose.

These Korean Tacos are easy. Marinate some steak for a bit in soy sauce and brown sugar, gather up the condiments and any toppings you want on the tacos, crank up the grill, cook the meat, toast the tortillas, slice the meat and assemble.

Korean Style Tacos

My tacos were fairly simple, corn tortillas gently toasted on the grill, sliced beef, slivers of cucumber, red onions, baby kale, baby spinach, soft butter lettuce, extra garlicky kimchi and drizzled with Sriracha sour cream. They were fabulous.

No hard and fast rule here, use the tortillas you like with the meat you prefer and the toppings you want. Make them your own.

Korean Style Tacos

Korean Tacos


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 4-6 servings

Grilled steak tacos with an Asian flavour.
  • 2lbs/1kg beef, sirloin, skirt or flank
  • β…“ cup/soy sauce
  • ΒΌ cup water
  • β…“ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • Corn or flour tortillas
  • lettuce
  • cucumber slivers
  • shredded carrots
  • kimchi
  • sour cream mixed with Sriracha
  • Gochujang hot sauce
  1. Mix the soy sauce, water, sugar and sesame oil together in a bowl.
  2. Add the beef steak and leave to marinade for an hour.
  3. Meanwhile, gather the toppings and condiments.
  4. Wash and dry the lettuce.
  5. Julienne the cucumbers and carrots.
  6. Mix as much Sriracha as you'd like into sour cream.
  7. Fire up the grill.
  8. Remove the meat from the marinade and shake off as much of the marinade as you can.
  9. Throw onto the grill.
  10. Allow the flames to kiss the meat a little to get some charred bits.
  11. Cook the meat as desired.
  12. I cooked mine about 6-8 minutes on one side and about 3-4 minutes on the other.
  13. My steak was not very thick so it cooked perfectly medium.
  14. Let the meat rest about 10 minutes before slicing.
  15. While the meat is resting, heat up the tortillas on the grill and keep warm in a towel or some foil.
  16. Assemble the tacos as desired and enjoy!

Korean Style Tacos

I love tacos. They are so many variations and each persons taco is unique. Having said that, I wonder why I don’t make them more often? I guess there’s so many different foods to try and just not enough time!

Happy eating, everybody!

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  2. I love love loveeee Tacos! I haven’t been able to find any decent taco joints since moving to the Midwest from California ( I guess you can say I’m spoiled, lol). I’ve been getting by by making semi-good homemade tacos. I love the flavors of these!
    Henna recently posted..Feature on Ainy Cooks!My Profile

  3. My middle brother and sis=in-law live in Colorado, and I love seeing the amazing changes in their weather. πŸ™‚ You live in such a gorgeous place! These tacos are beautimous. πŸ™‚
    Krista recently posted..Celebrating BelongingMy Profile

  4. This solves all of our problems when we have a Korean BBQ at home. The boys can never get filled up on beef, veggies and pickles alone so some extra carbs from the tortillas is a great idea. Loving your food plating and composition.
    Bam’s Kitchen recently posted..Creamy Kabocha Truffle PastaMy Profile

  5. Love tacos! There is a place here that specialises in Korean tacos…have been planning to go for over a year now…never got around to! But now I have your lovely recipe to make them at home. It’s perfect for our season. And all that green is so gorgeous! This year summer temperatures have been unbearable. I wish I could swap when I wanted.. Have a great weekend!
    Sugar et al. recently posted..Cherry, Banana and Muesli MuffinsMy Profile

  6. I wish I could send you my heat my friend! Instead, stay warm devouring your korean tacos, they look delicious πŸ˜€
    If I was to vegetarians, how would I go about that? Korean and vegetarian don’t seem to mix often here πŸ˜›

    Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted..A Party To RememberMy Profile

  7. Fabulous, fabulous photos! These Korean Tacos look really delcious. There’s something about grilling meat that gives it such a delicious flavour. I can almost see those wonderful blue skies, so like the after snowstorm skies in Sweden. GG

  8. We have had our share of gloomy weather too – but no snow! And after last years “snowmegedon” (when our city shut down and left so many folks stranded on highways for 8+ hours) – that might be a good thing!
    Love simple eats – I’ve never tried kimchi on a taco before – thanks for sharing and hope you keep warm Nazneen!

  9. Weather is rarely something we discuss in Tucson but, when we do, it is about rain. How we LOVE the rain, especially a good monsoon season. Because it is so hot here, most people consider grilling season to be the winter! (And, of course, spring and summer.) We, however, grill year round and love it. And I want to make these tacos (minus the kimchi, of course) soon for dinner. We will love them! Did you use sirloin or flank for these? The grain looks like flank but I can’t tell for sure! Your slices look truly perfect!
    David recently posted..Porking Up for the HolidaysMy Profile

  10. And after freezing drizzle and snow, I think it’s supposed to be very warm today. πŸ˜‰ oh and those Broncos. I wasn’t as devastated as last year simply because we hadn’t been playing strong for the last few weeks. In my mind we had a 50/50 chance to win on Sunday. But still disappointed. Strong move on Elway’s part to part ways with Fox. Ok, I’ve talked about the two Colorado subjects, so now I’ll switch to these beautiful tacos. I must make them soon. I’m not a kimchee fan, but I’ve only tasted it on it’s own. As a player in a taco, I will try it again. Thanks for a great recipe. Pinned.
    Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) recently posted..Cornish Game Hens with Whisky Herb Citrus GlazeMy Profile

  11. Nazneen, I was sad Sunday night too, although I am not a fan of this sport but hay I’m in Colorado so I should cheer for the Broncos… I live so close to their fan club, and I kept wondering poor fans, they must have been so sad. I hope they will do better next time. Loved your tacos and I was thinking the same lately when making this week’s menu plan… why we do not have more tacos!!!?? It is one of the easiest dinners one can make.
    Thanks for the new variation πŸ™‚ I will try this for sure.
    Amira recently posted..Knafeh with mango and creamMy Profile

    • Thanks Karen! They were delicious! And yes, that is a Victoria Sponge πŸ™‚ One of my childhood favourites and an absolute comfort cake for me. Drowning my Broncos sorrows.

    • I think Dallas gets all our remnant weather! My cousins live in FW so everytime we get cold, they’re complaining too! Hope it warms up for you soon. Me? I’m enjoying my cold weather

  12. I love tacos too – and every time I do them I wonder why so long between outings? I like when you can put a load of toppings and condiments on the table and everyone builds their own dinner. I should do this for our next mahjong night instead of trying to be fancy – it’s much more fun and sociable eating like this.
    Oh – and a 61 degree drop in the temp? That is pretty fierce! (can’t comment on the demise of your team because I have as much interest in American Football as I have in cricket – not much!)
    Nancy | Plus Ate Six recently posted..A nourishing watercress soup with a side serve of unicorns and rainbowsMy Profile

    • A taco party! Now, that would be tonnes of fun. I think I defintely need to do more taco dinners, not only are they fun and delicious, they are fairly easy to get together. It’s funny, I’m not a sports nut, but I played a lot in school so I’ve always enjoyed watching. I love cricket but never get to watch it in America. I used to play with my brother before married life and RA hit me. I miss running around like a looney πŸ™‚