Mushroom Yorkshire Puddings

Mushroom Yorkshire Puddings-3

Today, I’m actually guest posting over at Go Bake Yourself! Uru needed some help while she finished off her exams and I was more than happy to help her out with a post.

I’m sure you all know lovely Uru; she need no introduction. But just incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Uru is a recent university student who has been blogging about her sweet tooth for a few years now. I’ve known her as long as I’ve been writing. She lives in Australia and she just finished her first year in university, woo hoo!

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Uru has a few things in common with me; she is the same age as my eldest daughter, both are in university and both are vegetarians, oh and both have massive sweet teeth!

Please go and check out my post over at Go Bake Yourself and say hi to Uru. I made her some Mushroom Yorkshire Puddings. My daughters loved them and I thought maybe Uru would like them too. They were pretty delicious. They are perfect as a main dish or as a side to roasted meats.

Before you head on over to read the post, I thought I’d fill you in some news on my side. We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of food and dessert but of course, the best part is always the conversation and friendship. How was your Thanksgiving? 

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Talking about Thanksgiving, I have the two winners for the MM Local contest. I believe, you both will receive a gift card/promo code for an item from their online store. DRUMROLL……

The winners are….Denise from the blog From Brazil to You and Karen from Back Road Journal! Congratulations ladies! I used the Random Number Generator and their numbers are the ones that popped up. I will forward your information to the lovely folks at MM Local so they can contact you. You’re going to love their products, make sure to pick the Colorado grown produce 🙂

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I am finally free! Thanksgiving was the last major load on my mind but with my events done, my guest post done, my recipe development done (almost) and Thanksgiving done, my daughters birthdays done, I can finally chill for a bit! I really need to catch up with everyone’s blogs and start to really cook and bake again for my own blog. It’s been so long it seems.

I hope your holiday baking is in full swing. I can’t wait to come by and see what you guys are creating. 

I wish you all a great week ahead. I will be by to say hi shortly! Please stop by Go Bake Yourself and read my post! Thank you!!

Oh, and if anybody is wondering what happened with my car shopping….


I am the proud owner of this badass 2015 Toyota 4Runner 🙂 I LOVE it.

  1. CONGRATS on your “badass” 4-runner purchase!!! Glad to hear things have quieted down for you some – December 6th is my daughter’s bday so things are picking up on my end 🙂 I haven’t had yorkshire pudding in so long – love these Nazneen – specially with the mushrooms – gotta go check out your recipe!

  2. Oh these look amazing Nazneen! I have always wanted to try Yorkshire Pudding…and I LOVE mushrooms! I’m so glad we are both back and working our way in to the swing of blogging again. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…and I love your new vehicle. And I love little Uru as well. I was just over there commenting on another post, but I’ll have to backtrack again to yours! Looking forward to more of your amazing creations and stunning photography! : )
    Anne@FromMySweetHeart recently posted..Eggnog Streusel Muffins # Twelve LoavesMy Profile

  3. Uru is the sweetest and I’m going over to check out your mushroom yorkshire pudding on her blog. I can see them going well with so many dishes. I’m so happy to be a lucky winner along with Denise…I’m looking forward to receiving one of MM Local’s products.
    Karen (Back Road Journal) recently posted..Veal MarsalaMy Profile

  4. Oh yay! Yep, Uru is such a generous blogger in terms of her time and friendship. I can’t believe how many blogs she follows whilst she was still completing school etc! These look amazing Nazneen. I love yorkies and the idea of adding mushrooms sounds delicious (I can imagine filling these babies up with some onion gravy, yum!). Thanks for the inspiration, hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving xxx
    laurasmess recently posted..Asparagus and Cheese TartsMy Profile