Peach Ice Cream with Salted Caramel Sauce

peach ice cream

I would like to start by thanking everyone for the well wishes, prayers and happy thoughts! It has been a hard few days but all your wonderful comments wishing me a quick recovery are so appreciated. 

One advantage to my mobility setback was the chance to catch up on a lot of blog visiting and working through my DVR. I had quite a few shows to catch up on before the new season starts. My knee is much better, still a bit swollen but I can hobble along.


In other news, I am sure you have all been hearing about the Colorado floods. It is incredibly sad to see some of my beloved mountain towns destroyed by the wrath of Mother Nature. The little towns of Lyons and Estes Park that we love to visit regularly, and walk their main streets and poke about in the stores, are under water. It is heart breaking to see the destruction. My most beloved Rocky Mountain National Park is closed to visitors right now. For us, the way to get to Rocky Mountain National park is through the towns of Lyons and Estes Park. The roads to and from these towns are washed away.

Never would I have imagined that I would see hurricane type rain and flooding in landlocked Colorado. I have been in a hurricane (IKE 2008) and the rain I experienced there is what I saw here the last 2 days. We were fortunate that we not affected by the flood or were at any risk of high water. There was a lot of rain and standing water, but our house is safe and so are we. I wish I could say the same about my friend who lives in Boulder who woke up to water in her basement. Thankfully, it stayed in the basement and didn’t rise any higher but it has been hard work for her to keep it pumped out and on top of it.

peach ice cream

My children happened to have rain days and were home for two days. It was nice to not have to bare the storm to get them from school and since my knee was also feeling a little better, I decided to break into my box of peaches. 

peach ice cream

Ever since the rain started, it has been chilly and overcast here, a perfect time to make ice cream 🙂 Honestly, I just had to make ice cream. My ice cream bowls have been in my freezer the minute summer reared its head, but nothing has emerged. I simply had to make at least one ice cream before autumn rolls around; feels like it’s almost here.

Peach seemed like a good flavour since I have peaches, lots of peaches and so I give you, Peach Ice Cream with Salted Caramel Sauce. The thing is, this ice cream took 5 peaches, I haven’t even made a dent in my box 🙁 

peach ice cream

The salted caramel sauce is optional. My husband loves caramel sauce so I made the sauce for him to drizzle on top. Peach is a delicate flavour so if you want to taste the peach ice cream, you can omit the caramel sauce or just go easy on it. He said he liked it both ways, with and without the sauce.

peach ice cream

Peach Ice Cream

Serves: 1

Serving size: 10

Calories: 424

Fat: 22g

a delicate and luscious ice cream made with Colorado peaches and drizzled with a Pink Himalayan salted caramel sauce.
  • 1½ cups/355mL organic whole/full fat milk
  • 1½ cups/355mL organic heavy cream/double cream
  • ¾ cup organic cane sugar
  • 5 large organic egg yolks
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 5 medium sized ripe peaches, peeled, pitted and chopped
  • ¼ cup organic cane sugar
  • 1 cup organic cane sugar
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ cup heavy/double cream
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt, I used Pink Himalayan
  1. In a medium saucepan, add the milk and cream and gently bring up to almost boiling.
  2. In a large bowl, add the egg yolks and sugar and beat together to mix.
  3. Once the milk comes up to a boil, add it slowly to the bowl with the egg yolks and sugar mixing well as you drizzle the milk in.
  4. Do not add to quickly or you will have scrambled eggs.
  5. Once the milk is added and incorporated with the egg yolks, add the mixture back into the saucepan.
  6. On medium low heat, heat the custard until thick and coats a spoon.
  7. Stir continuously and do not let it boil.
  8. Once thickened pour through a fine sieve into a bowl and chill until cool before pouring into ice cream maker.
  9. While the custard is chilling, make the peach puree that will be added into the custard.
  10. Place the chopped peaches into a food processor and pulse until almost a puree.
  11. Add the peach puree and the sugar to a small saucepan and heat on medium heat until thick and jammy.
  12. This will take about 15-20 minutes. You want about a cup or so of cooked peach puree.
  13. Let the peach puree cool.
  14. Once the custard is chilled and the peach puree is cool, combine the two together to make a peach custard base for the ice cream.
  15. Pour the peach custard into the bowl of a chilled ice cream maker and follow the instructions for your ice cream maker.
  16. It will take about 20 minutes for the ice cream to churn and then scoop out into a storage container to freeze the ice cream until serving time.
  18. In a small sauce pan, add the sugar and water and heat on medium.
  19. Let the sugar melt and allow it to turn an amber colour.
  20. This will take some time, about 10-15 minutes.
  21. Watch carefully as the sugar can go from amber to burnt in seconds.
  22. Heat the cream in a small pitcher in the microwave and add the sea salt.
  23. Once the sugar turns a golden amber colour, add the cream carefully, it will splutter.
  24. Mix off heat until all the sugar is melted and he cream is incorporated.
  25. Pour into a heat proof jar and allow to cool.
  26. Pour on ice cream before serving if desired.
You could stir through some caramel into the ice cream, if desired. I left it on the side since my children don't all like caramel on their ice cream. The caramel sauce can also be used on other cakes, cookies and bread pudding. Store in the fridge.

peach ice cream

 Hope you are all having a great weekend! We are just hoping to stay dry.

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  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better and got some needed rest you deserve. And the flooding can be so destructive. Some parts of Japan has very bad flooding this summer too. SO strange. We still have sweet peaches around in California markets and this ice cream sounds perfect to enjoy these stone fruits. With salted caramel sauce of course. 🙂
    Nami | Just One Cookbook recently posted..Castella カステラMy Profile

    • It happens my dear! I usually read them when they pop up in my inbox but then forget to go to the site and comment!

    • Thanks Abbe! The peaches have been awesome and I’m sad they’re done. I ma glad to have found you and we must get together soon!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the comment. Always fun to find a fellow Colorado Blogger. I’m a new follower here and look forward to getting to know you. And oh-my this ice cream looks wonderful. And your photos beautiful.

    • Thanks Le Ann! It was really nice to find you, and you are right, it’s nice to know some locals 🙂

  5. Dear Nazneen, I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling much better and that you’re able to get some much needed rest through this. I know you are kinda forced to do so but isn’t it nice catching up on all your fav shows?
    Mother nature has been extremely unhappy lately. I’m glad to hear that your house and family are unaffected.

    Jealous that it’s starting to feel like fall over there. I’ve been treating myself to ice cream everyday…I know it sounds strange but I thoroughly enjoy eating it during the cold winter months as well! My husband would LOVE the caramel sauce as well! Hope you have a wonderful week, Nazneen!
    Min recently posted..Comment on Hot Spinach and Kale Dip by Melanie @ Just Some Salt and PepperMy Profile

  6. Sorry to hear about your injury Nazneen – I must have missed that, but I don’t think I missed any posts did I? Will have to go and check… hope you’re feeling better by now. Gorgeous looking ice-cream too… bet that would make you feel good! 😀
    Charles recently posted..Aïeeeeeeee, it’s AïoliMy Profile

    • Thanks Charles, I am feeling better. Can at least walk now. The ice cream made me feel very good but then I was sad because it ran out 🙁

  7. Floods is something I know a bit about, having worked with the Royal Commission into the horrible floods we had in Queensland in 2010-2011. Floods and water damage can be absolutely devastating, I’m so glad that you’re all ok, and sorry for your friends. You definitely have a number of good excuses to be devouring peach icecream 😉
    Jas@AbsolutelyJas recently posted..Gnocchi for Daring CooksMy Profile

    • I don’t remember the Queensland floods, but it’s good to know you are an expert. I am hoping I will not need your flood expertise anytime soon though! Now, your acting expertise or rather cooking show expertise, that I’ll take 🙂

      • Lol. Not so sure that I’m an expert, but I do know a little about how difficult it is to forecast flooding, and that building cities in floodplains isn’t a great idea. Funny that!

        And that’s not cooking show expertise – it’s merely me rambling in front of CPoo the fabulous camera man who knows things about light and editing 😉 But if you were in Australia, your nickname would likely be Naz (we shorten everything here), and ‘Cooking with Naz and Jas’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?! No expertise required – the camera man has it in the bag!!! Now to build that teleportation device… 🙂
        Jas@AbsolutelyJas recently posted..Gnocchi for Daring CooksMy Profile

  8. Glad to read that you’re doing better, Nazneen, and that the flooding has not affected you, your family, or home. I’ve visited a number of the towns impacted by the flood waters and it’s just so hard to believe. I hope this storm is the last for sometime, giving the area a chance to dry out. Your peach ice cream recipe sounds delicious, very creamy on the palate. I bet that salted caramel sauce is wonderful drizzled on top of a scoop — just like in your photo. A great pairing.
    ChgoJohn recently posted..My Tomatoes Are In A JamMy Profile

    • Thanks John. It’s very sad about these towns. So much destruction. We are lucky that we were saved from this craziness. The ice cream turned out really well but didn’t last long at all!

  9. Water can be so destructive! I’ve experienced both hurricanes and flash floods, and neither one is a joke. Sorry to hear about Lyons and Estes Park – I love that part of the world. Anyway, lovely recipe! We’re still getting great peaches, so this definitely is something we should make. Thanks so much.
    john@kitchenriffs recently posted..Zucchini PancakesMy Profile

    • Thanks John! It’s very sad what has happened to these towns. I hope they can recover soon. Thanks for your comment, John.

    • Lucky you Bal! The peach ice cream is awesome! Very delicate flavour but nice and fruity. I think you’ll like it.

  10. I’m so glad you’re feeling a little less stiff and your knee is less painful. This peach ice cream looks wonderful and the peaches have such a fabulous colour. I love your ice cream bowls, are they old ones? Hope the rain stays off for you. It’s things like that that make us thankful for what we have. GG
    Glamorous Glutton recently posted..Getting Off Auto With Jay MountfordMy Profile

    • Hi GG. Thanks! The cups are actually, I believe, individual jelly moulds or bundt cake pans. I found them at the thrift store but don’t think they are that old.

    • Thanks Minnie. I am sorry about your friends, it’s been very hard here and just devastating for so many. Keep us in your prayers.

    • Thanks Heavenly! I was thinking about freezing them if I can’t eat them all in time! But I really want to make stuff with them while in season.