Peach Tart

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

I’m kind of enjoying these unexpected breaks I keep taking. I don’t mean to disappear but it’s been really hectic at home with back to school/college, work and keeping up with house and blog.

I think actually, I would prefer to just cook and blog rather than work and clean house! Cooking and then writing about it is a lot more stress free and therapeutic. I would gladly just do this, but alas, I think the guys at work would physically drive over and drag me from the house if I quit. 

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

They enjoy the food and cookies a little bit too much and any thoughts of me taking a day off is shot down in a hurry. Back during Ramadan, I told them I was going to take the Saturday off for Eid festivities. They looked at me in horror. Then one of them actually asked me if I was being serious and asked what he was going to eat if I wasn’t going to be there. Then he asked if I could cook something at home and he’d come and pick it up! I said “NO!”, quite vehemently! I guess it’s totally my fault; I have spoilt them rotten and now I’m paying for it. But on the flip side, they are pretty awesome guys and really take care of me too. They keep me laughing with their silly jokes and stories, and it’s refreshing to leave the house two days a week to enjoy adult conversation. Keeps my sanity intact.

So, back to school has been hectic with the usual scrambling to get supplies and then going back a million more times to get the rest of the supplies that the teachers don’t mention the first time around. 

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

Getting up early, racking my brain to pack lunches, dropping and picking up children, all thoroughly exciting. Back to school is kind of bitter sweet; as much as I love the quiet of the house during the day; the early morning lunch making and packing, driving to drop off and then picking up in the afternoon, is something I detest. Oh well, we can’t have it all.

So, onto important matters of food, have you ever come across a dish/recipe that you just can’t get out of your mind once you see it in a magazine or website? I’m talking about one you’ve never tasted and your mind is doing flips wondering what it does taste like?

For me, I see it, I drool over the photos and make a mental note that maybe I’ll make it when I have time (I’m not one for following recipes so it’s hard to commit). Then I realise a few days on, that I can’t get that dish out of my mind. I have to give props to the photographer who did such a great job ingraining that image in my mind!

This is that recipe. I first saw it on Food 52’s Facebook page. It just looked so luscious, glistening with all that amber fruit and golden sprinkles. I filed it away until I had time to explore it further.

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

A couple of weeks ago, I had some work guys over for dinner and was stuck for a second dessert. My friend had given me a case of Palisade peaches and the lightbulb went off. I could make the tart!

Originally, I wasn’t planning on sharing the recipe because it’s on the Food 52 website and I didn’t think it would be so awesome that I had to share it. But it is. It is pretty amazing. I want to say it’s the Colorado peaches that make it awesome, but it just could be it’s a great recipe. The Colorado peaches definitely take it over the top though.

Please excuse the photos, I snapped them all while prepping and baking the tart, with my iPhone. Not the best photos but I think they get across the lusciousness of the tart.

Hopefully, you can get your hands on some peaches still. Our season is coming to a close but we are still enjoying them while we can. They are so good this year.

All I can say is, make this tart! I have, of course, not followed the recipe completely, but it’s more or less the same. If you want to see the original, it’s here. 

I used my trusty recipe for a regular butter tart pastry and added some ground vanilla to the struesel on top. The aroma while this was baking…Oh. My. Goodness. 

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

Peach Tart


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 1 tart

A luscious peach tart showcasing juicy Colorado peaches.
  • Pastry for 11" tart pan
  • 1 ½ cups/210g flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 8 tablespoons/113g butter, cold in cubes
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 4-5 tablespoons ice water
  • Peach Tart
  • 4-5 medium size peaches (I used 4), sliced medium thick
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons flour (extra tablespoon if peaches are very juicy)
  • 2 tablespoons butter, cold
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground vanilla seeds or extract
  1. Pastry
  2. Quickest way to make pastry crust is in the food processor.
  3. Put the flour, sugar and salt in the bowl of the processor and pulse to mix.
  4. Add the butter cubes and pulse until the butter is in pea size pebbles.
  5. Mix the vinegar into a tablespoon of water and add to the bowl.
  6. Add about 3 tablespoons of cold water to start.
  7. Pulse the mixture and check to see if it holds together,
  8. If not, add in tablespoons until the mixture holds together when pressed between two fingers.
  9. Bring the flour butter mixture together into a ball and flatten into a disc.
  10. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
  11. After the dough has chilled, roll out the pastry into 14" circle and line the tart pan.
  12. Keep in the fridge until needed.
  13. Peach Tart
  14. Preheat the oven to 425F/210C
  15. Take out the chilled tart from the fridge.
  16. Arrange the sliced peaches in concentric circles, fitting them in snugly.
  17. In a small bowl, add the sugar, flour, salt, ground vanilla and the butter.
  18. Rub the mixture together until crumbly and resembles small pebbles.
  19. Scatter the pebbly mixture all over the tart.
  20. It will seem like a lot but will disintegrate during the baking
  21. Place the tart on a tray and place on the bottom rack of the oven.
  22. Bake 40-45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.
  23. Serve warm or room temperature with whipped cream (though it’s perfect without anything)

Peach Tart | Coffee and Crumpets

I’m going to try and post regularly but honestly, I might still be pretty erratic. I’m not free from my commitments until mid November, so…..We’ll see.

Visiting all your sites has been challenging too and I miss all the stories and recipes. I will visit all of you as soon as I can.

I actually get a three day weekend this weekend so I’m excited! I’m hoping to cook a little, hike a little and of course, shop a little.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

  1. Hey Nazneen

    This looks a super scrumptious tart. I love how sticky it has come from the peach juice. My favourite pudding is still apple crumble and custard. I think this would go down well as a substitute though.
    David Crichton recently posted..Aubergine PilafMy Profile

  2. Nazneen – I join you in wanting to cook over clean and do other errands. When I am in the kitchen – or writing about my culinary adventures – I am at my happiest! (Except maybe when eating them…)

    I can’t wait to try this peach tart – Mark and I are headed to Flagstaff in a while, with peaches in hand. Our hosts will love this for dinner tomorrow! xo

  3. Oh yes September is always hectic. So many things to deal with.
    I am glad to see that people at work are delicious with you. It makes things easier. And it’s good to ba out of the house a bit and have adults relationships. I need more!!!
    Enjoy the long weekend Nazneen! And I’ll make sure to try the tart, without Colorado peaches thought.
    Much love from France.
    Marie O recently posted..Going through a divorce…My Profile

  4. Enjoy your holiday weekend – we won’t be having one down under. I do love th elook of your peach tart! It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait for peach season to arrive here. You do sound super-busy and it does seem there is so much dropping off and picking up with kids these days – back in my day we walked! xx
    Hotly Spiced recently posted..Roop Niwas Kothi Hotel, IndiaMy Profile

  5. Such a pretty tart! I can’t wait for local peaches to arrive to make your tart. Breaks are so essential but I can’t see that happening in my life at the moment. Break from posting, yes but there is so much going on behind the scenes. Anyway, I wouldn’t blame the guys at your workplace requiring your presence because I can see how committed and great you are at what you do. It’s lovely to see your posts…keep them coming whenever you can!

  6. Always good to see you post, but really — post when you like. This is fun, not work (well, I know some people make work out of their blogs, but not me!). Anyway, love fresh, local peaches. We’ve had tons this summer, and there are still good ones in the store. Haven’t made a tart yet, but that will change. 😉 Thanks for this.
    John@Kitchen Riffs recently posted..Chocolate Chip BarsMy Profile

  7. “I would prefer to just cook and blog rather than work and clean house!” – said everyone, ever. I totally hear you on that! Being at my parent’s house these last few days has basically been a gastronomic vacation and I’ve finally had time to decompress and catch up on blog rounds. Hope that your commitments between now and november are fast and easy going 🙂

  8. I think I can smell that tart from here! Peaches have just this week appeared in the shops and I never know what to do them. I’m not great with desserts because there’s just the two of us here – I really should make more of an effort.