Tea Doughnuts

Tea Flavoured Doughnuts

February 4th marks the four year anniversary for this blog! Where has the time gone? As the date approaches, I find myself thinking back on the time I decided to start this little piece of my web, and why I started this. I stumbled on a few blogs early on and loved how they were written or I loved their photos but more than the recipe, photos or the writing, it was the stories these bloggers wrote about their everyday life and adventures. To me it was not just reading, it was conversation, an interaction with another being. 


Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is not a talker (unless its about comic books and SciFi, then you can’t shut him up), I on the other hand don’t know what silence means. I will ask you a million questions and I will remember every thing you tell me because I am genuinely interested in you! 

I find it amusing that in the last 6-8 months I have been doing my cooking demonstrations at my husband’s store, I’ve gotten to know the guys and gals who work there so much better than he knows them! And it’s purely because I talk…a lot. 

Tea Flavoured Doughnuts

Anyway, I digress, as always. I started the blog to write, mainly for myself. After years of children, diapers, baby talk, and play dates, my mind was frazzled. I read as much as I could or as much as time would allow me but there never seemed to be any time. The minute my head hit the comfort of my pillow at night, I was out.

Once my youngest started school, all of a sudden I had all this time, and no friends. We had just moved back to Colorado and all my friends had moved away. I had to make friends again. That’s not so easy when you are a stay at home mom and ready for bed at 8pm! I started to read more blogs and managed a book here and there. Even with kids in school, time was a luxury.

A few months into having the house to myself, I realised I was starving for conversation and adult time. After heated discussions with myself, I started my blog. I just wanted to write…something, anything. As I visited other bloggers, they visited me and I soon realised that these were the friends I needed, the ones with my likes and dislikes, and so many interesting stories to tell. 

Tea Flavoured doughnuts

Most of my reading then became online. Visiting all my blogger friends and reading their stories doesn’t leave me much time to read books and I do feel sad about that because I love to read, especially classics. Bedtime is the same story, I barely get in and relax and I’m asleep. Recently, I read an article that mentioned that reading on your iPad or phone at bedtime disrupts your sleep. I was doing this all the time, especially catching up on my blog reading. I decided then to stop reading on my iPad and start reading a proper book even if it was for just 5 minutes. I am doing pretty well. I will actually finish a whole book here in about a couple of days!!

Tea Flavoured Doughnuts

My favourite shops, apart from glamorous, gourmet kitchen and food shops, are usually little book shops, preferably with a coffee shop inside. I especially love the book shops with oversized comfy chairs and rustic tables that smell a little musty from all the books and dust. We have a few in Colorado, my favourite back when I lived here before was the Tattered Cover Book Store. I would grab a big cup of coffee and find a big chair and spend hours in there. We came across one in Fort Collins over the weekend, The Bean Cycle. It is such a cute little shop with little rickety chairs and tables on one side and huge worn leather chaises on the other. I saw the most ingenious idea on a poster in their shop; they have a letter writing club every last Sunday of the month where you can get together with other members and hand write or type letters (on old typewriters) How cool is that? Unfortunately, Fort Collins is an hour away fro me so I may not be joining that club anytime soon. But that idea just oozed all kids of nostalgia for me.

Tea Flavoured Doughnuts

And I know it’s the nostalgia I miss and crave. I miss holding a book that is falling apart, all weathered and worn in it’s binding. I want to sit in a reading nook or a cubby surrounded by knowledge and wisdom that’s preserved in the pages of history, science and culture. I want to read poetry by the light of a flickering candle or a crackling fire. I know somewhere in this highly technological world, all glittery with high resolution screens, buttons and touch pads, it exists some where. I just have to find it or create it.

Until then, I suppose I will have to make do with my window seat. It’s not an ideal reading spot, but it’s an ideal spot to watch the snow fall, or the rain drops linger on the eaves or the golden leaves swirling on a blustery autumn day. It’s an ideal spot for your imagination and a place to sit and write your thoughts.

Window Seat

These thoughts about writing and reading have been on my mind for a while, especially when I walk down the stairs in my house and I can see the inviting window seat. Usually I’m in some hurry to get some where and that yearning is never fulfilled. The feelings have intensified somewhat after I received some tea in the mail. Wonderful Andy from Plum Deluxe teas emailed and asked me if I’d like to try some of their organic teas (I think he was trying to convert a coffee drinker) Little did he know that I am an avid tea drinker as well!!

Plum Deluxe did not ask me to write a review or what have you, Andy just wanted me to sample the teas. I thought it would be nice to introduce them anyway and tell you to try their teas because they are delicious! One of the tea blends I was sent is called The Reading Nook Blend, and as soon as I read that title, I’ve been wanting my little reading and thinking space and a moment to actually sit and do it. The tea itself is a black tea with soothing flowers and warm flavourings. Not only is it a wonderful blend to enjoy with friends, it’s also a great blend to cosy up in a corner by yourself and let your imagination run wild.

Plum Deluxe Teas

The other blend Andy sent me is a Chocolate Chai Decadence. It has warm chai spices, vanilla and bits of chocolate. This is the tea blend that inspired these doughnuts. All the flavourings are in the tea already, I just brewed a strong cup in milk and use the infused milk to make these tea doughnuts. They have such a lovely warm flavour with a hint of the black tea. Make another cup and dunk the doughnuts in and enjoy with a book in your favourite corner of the house.

Tea Doughnuts

Tea Doughnuts


Doughnuts flavoured with a warm chai blend, perfect for reading and writing.
  • 3 cups/450g all purpose/plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup/100g granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs, large
  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled
  • ¾ cup/175ml milk, maybe a tablespoon or two more if needed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 teaspoons Plum Deluxe Chocolate Chai Decadence tea blend or any other chai tea blend
  1. Preheat the oven to 350F/180C
  2. Grease two doughnut pans.
  3. Warm the ¾ cup milk and add the 2 teaspoons tea and let steep.
  4. Allow the tea to cool before using.
  5. Strain out the tea leaves and keep the infused milk to the side.
  6. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together in a large bowl.
  7. Mix the eggs, melted butter, vanilla and sugar together in another bowl.
  8. Add the wet ingredients to the flour mix.
  9. Mix slowly and then add the strained, infused tea milk.
  10. If the mixture looks too dry, add another two tablespoons of milk or as needed.
  11. The batter should be a thick dropping consistency.
  12. Fill the doughnuts pans with the batter, divide equally between the cavities.
  13. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the doughnuts are golden brown, risen and firm to the touch.
  14. You can glaze them with a tea sugar glaze or dust them with powdered sugar.
For the tea glaze, if you're making yourself a cup of tea, pull out a tablespoon of steeped tea and mix with a cup of powdered sugar. Thin out with a teaspoon at a time of tea if needed. Dunk the doughnuts into the glaze and allow to dry on a rack.

 Tea Doughnuts

Where’s your favourite corner to read? Do you have a place at home or do you prefer coffee shop and book stores? And what are you reading at the moment, besides my blog that is :)?

Have a wonderful week, my friends!

  1. Ahh, I WISH i had the time/energy to read! I used to be such an avid reader; I would spend my breaks between classes at our local bookstore. I used to spend a good chunk of my earnings as a bank teller on my reading addiction.
    Now, I simply am too exhausted by the end of the day to read a book. I feel as if I’ve lost my attention span, and when I do get the chance to curl up and enjoy some time to myself and a lovely read, I just don’t have the energy to indulge.
    Here’s to hoping that changed once my little one isn’t so little anymore, lol 🙂

    Love the flavors of these donuts! It would be so lovely to have a dish of these alongside some piping hot chai or coffee and enjoying the cold weather 🙂

  2. Thank Goodness you managed some spare time and started this beautiful blog…lucky to have met you:-) I haven’t eaten or made a doughnut recently..now craving one badly. I will take both the chai & the doughnuts please.. i hardly get time to read…something I always loved along with writing and talking. I’ve managed to keep up the last one as I couldn’t LIVE without that. Even between writing a post I get up at least twenty times during the day and it completely disturbs the flow. At night, I am too exhausted to even stare at my laptop.. Hopefully things will get better from next week.
    Happy Blog Anniversary my lovely friend….you are amazing…thank you for being you:-)
    Sugar et al. recently posted..Lemon, Coconut and Strawberry CakeMy Profile

  3. This is such a lovely post. That tea blend sounds delicious and what a great combination! I know how you feel about reading. I work until 6, then cook and take photos, visit blogs, eat and it’s time for bed. I really should make time to read I love it so much. I love blogging to keep connected too, whilst I live with all my friends, they don’t love like food like I do. Wish I could get some of these donuts to go with my blog visiting.
    Miss Messy recently posted..Beer Battered Sweet PotatoesMy Profile

  4. What a lovely read this was, Nazneen! Happy upcoming 4 years of blogging.! I can relate to so very much of what you’re saying. I started my blog as an outlet after my son got a bit older and I had more time on my hands. I also have always loved reading and I find books to be such a solace. I am so thankful to all the amazing writers who have given me endless hours of joy. I know you understand what I’m saying. And I do love to write and the blog is a great forum to combine that love with the other – food! : ) I hope there are many, many more wonderful years of cooking, reading (in that wonderful window seat), writing, talking, and blogging for you. All the best!
    Monica recently posted..Orange chiffon cakeMy Profile

  5. While I do realize that you did NOT ask for any advice about what to read, I have to recommend “Cuttting for Stone.” I love that book. Also, read “A fine Balance.” I focus on stories from other cultures. American stories do not grab me these days. If you have already read my two favorites then good for you!
    Your blog has gotten so professional looking over the years, Nazneen. I should take some photography tips from you. Your photos are gorgeous.

  6. 4 years!!! Wow!!! I wish you many more years of blogging.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Brings back the focus to why we are into blogging. I am so blessed to know you and to be honest, this community gives me a lot of perspective in life and feels good. Now you know we both can talk for hours and hours.
    Well anyways, coming to how we connected. Those doghnuts are amazing and all the pics are so full of personality and warmth.
    You are awesome, keep it coming. Cheers.

  7. Wow! Nazneen is it really four years?! I love your reading space, so great to be able to watch the comings and goings of the season as you read. I mainly read in bed on a Kindle. I do my blog reading during the day, I know, a luxury that not many people have. Congratulations on making it to four years. GG xx

  8. Your story sounds so familiar Nazneen. I miss my reading time coz the blog and family demand quite a major chunk of my time. I try to squeeze out some time to indulge in my hobby of reading. Thankfully my daughter, who is now 12, loves to read as well so I try to co-ordinate my reading time with her.
    I am looking forward to your blog-anniv post. Btw, I share my birthday with your blog anniv. 🙂
    Easyfoodsmith recently posted..AATE KA HALWA / KADAH (Whole Wheat Flour Pudding)My Profile

  9. I love reading the stories others share about their everyday lives – like this one – about your reading nook and the tea that made you long for it, and, the tea that made you bring us these Chocolate Chai Decadence doughtnuts! That tea sounds fantastic by the way!
    In my year and a half of blogging I have come to learn that this blogging community is truly a wonderful and supportive one – and I am so glad to have bumped into you, Nazneen! Here’s hoping we bump into each other – in person – one day 🙂
    Happy early blogiversary – I cannot wait to see what fabulous treat you post on the 4th of Feb!

  10. Wow! These donuts look terrific! So happy to find your blog! You’re an amazing photographer too! + I’m dying to give your recipe a try!

  11. Congratulations Nazneen! Now I can picture exactly where you sit and relax how cool is that? I’ve always been a great reader until the iPad came along – now we ban iPads after 9pm and we don’t read them in bed. And I swear we sleep a lot better for it.
    I bought a kindle but I think I managed only 3 books – maybe I’m getting old but I just prefer to read a proper book. And slowly, slowly I’m getting back into reading. Have you read Burial Rites? Wow – beautiful, beautiful prose.
    Here’s to many more years of being virtual friends – can you dunk a doughnut in the tea for me please?!
    Nancy | Plus Ate Six recently posted..A nourishing watercress soup with a side serve of unicorns and rainbowsMy Profile

    • Thanks Charlie! I know, I read in the morning too with my coffee in bed. But that only lasts a few minutes because then its time to get up and get the kids off to school. But, I’m doing well with books at the mo!

  12. Congratulations on such a big milestone! 🙂 I’m so happy you took Andy up on his offer of tea. Andy is one of my favorite people with a huge heart and lashings of creativity. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful year of blogging and many interactions with people who make your soul sing. XO
    Krista recently posted..A Good MorningMy Profile

  13. Congratulations on almost 4 years of blogging and many more to come!!!!! Your blog is so beautiful. Even though I don’t always have time to comment I do visit on regular basis and enjoy the stories you write as well as the great recipes and amazing pictures you share! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  14. I only read things that educate me, Nazneen. So that Universe book that is kicking about would do me well. I don’t have long enough to waste time reading someone else’s imagination.

    As for the doughnuts, don’t think I’ve ever seen baked ones. Are they still technically doughnuts? That chai tea sounds amazing.
    David Crichton recently posted..Pumpkin Veloute, Cod and Onion BhajisMy Profile

    • You always know how to get a chuckle from me. I do understsnd what you’re saying though. But its nice to escape into someone elses mind once in awhile. I also love books like that Universe one, which is one of my hubbys past times. As far as these doughnuts… Read my post on the Pumpkin ones about my thoughts on baked doughnuts 😉 Personally… Theyre just muffins…with a hole 🙂

  15. Four years? That is crazy fantastic, a massive congratulations to you my friend 😀
    I am so glad you have been writing and sharing, you are an incredible person and it has been a privilege getting to know you!
    These tea doughnuts, now how about sending over a few so we can celebrate together? 😛

    Choc Chip Uru
    Choc Chip Uru recently posted..Plain CakeMy Profile

  16. How lovely this post is?!! I love the solitude of reading. When I want to treat myself, I go to the library pick a book and sit there in a cozy chair reading. Unfortunately, I do not do this regularly as I do not have enough time. I’m mad at myself because I am trying to find a 30 minutes each day to read and guess what!! each day passes by and I do not read enough!! when I try to read while the kids are at home I am interrupted 100 times in a matter of 10 minutes 🙂 they are driving me crazy. I also like reading ACTUAL books with papers in it not the e-things . Loved everything in your post including the tea and the recipe. Happy anniversary my dear.
    Amira recently posted..Foul- ful- medamesMy Profile

    • Thank you so much, Amira my dear! I totally understand your reading dilemma. When my kids were little it was the same thing. Now, it’s really not any better!! It will get a bit easier astray grow up and you find time for yourself, and if you’re not tired by the end of the day, you can read a little!!

    • I know right? But, I was sent some lovely samples and I wanted to thank my senders. They came out well, but you know me with these new fangled names for stuff we’ve been drinking for years! Def, coffee soon.

  17. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! I just started my blog a few months ago + I can’t imagine how much must have changed in four years!!

    I can really understand your desire to start a blog. The desire to write and have conversation and get words…out there. I’m so glad you’ve kept with it, because it’s great!

    I really love these tea doughnuts. They sound so delicious and you’re so right about those old bookstores with the musty smell. These + a cup of coffee would be perfect for sitting down and reading a book there.
    Karishma recently posted..Citrus marinated chicken + blood orange harissaMy Profile

  18. I’m so glad you wrote this. It connect with everything you are saying. I hate being disconnected from everything and especially other interesting adults. Books have recently made their way back into my life, and I actually have to ration them, because I fall in, and of course nothing gets done until that book is finished. Poor kids!(: I need to try those cafes sometime. The one in Ft Collins sounds lovely. Ok, gtg. Xxoo

    Oh, congrats, four years is amazing!

    • Thank you, Mariyam! I know you don’t blog but you are one of my friends that I find most interesting. You always have something interesting to talk about and a new point of view. Im glad we’re friends, and having said that, we haven’t seen each other in too long! Let’s get together soon! Maybe we can hit up one of these cafes soon.

  19. Happy anniversary Nazneen! I love Fort Collins, but since my daughter graduated from CSU I really don’t have a excuse to take the day off and head up there. Maybe she’d be interested in joining me sometime. As for my favorite reading place, it has to be when I am all snuggled up in my bed. Right now I am between books, but I love true stories, autobiographies or biographies. These doughnuts and the snowy weather headed our way has me in the mood to find a good one and snuggle in.
    Karen Harris recently posted..How to Mend a Broken Heart: Chili MacMy Profile

    • Hi Karen, we don’t go up to FC very much either. I go more than the others do because I do some food demos there on occasion. It’s really a lovely town. We went up there to the State park for some hiking this weekend and boy, was it muddy and icy! We were slipping and sliding and after I while I was scared of breaking a hip so we called it a day! Who know, my daughters might end up at CSU and then I’ll be up there all the time!

  20. As you write about your anniversary, I realize that Cocoa & Lavender’s is at about the same time! Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to many more years!

    Our reasons for starting my blog, however, are night and day different! Unlike you being a stay-at-home mom, I am out all the time for work, often 7 nights a week in addition to my 5 days in the office. I crave solitude. Funny, eh? Now, the reason we both love our blogs is very much the same. I love the writing, too. In high school and college, I was always told I was a terrible writer – and with the blog, I found my voice. It almost writes itself! And then, most important, the friendships I have made (you included) are invaluable. All around the world are people who find joy in your posts, share in your happiness and sorrow, and (I believe) genuinely care about you. I love it.

    Another way you and I are alike is our love of reading – and the amount of time it takes for us to finish a book! By the end of an evening, I am so plum tuckered out, I can read about 5 sentences before I nod off… During the holidays, I had so much time, I actually read a full book in just a few days! It was a miracle!

    I have always wanted a window seat like yours in which I could read – or daydream, most likely. And a place to eat wonderful tea doughnuts like the ones you made (so grateful that they are baked!). The used of chai in them is brilliant, and I can smell/taste the spices from here. Thanks for sharing – your story and the recipe! xox
    David recently posted..Homemade Pizza: A Safer SliceMy Profile

    • Thank you, David for your sweet words. And this is why I love your blog so much. I love your friendship, your writing and your adventures. Like you, in school my writing was terrible. I was a science major and so all my subjects were pretty much dry, theoretical type classes. My writing was mainly lab work! I was very conscious of my lack of writing skills and started working on it. I still don’t get to write what I want, but I find some time for this blog and jot down a few words. It’s better than nothing I suppose. Happy Anniversary to you as well. I look forward to reading your celebratory post. xx